SFX Make-Up

Silent Neighbor – Mellow Heart

The music video written and directed by Fabienne Steiner shows the singer’s journey to hell.

Zurich, ZHdK, 2019



Written and directed by Kenneth Gilomen
This shortfilm tells the story of a young man who’s biggest dream it is to become not just a fighter, but the Greatest Of All Time. 

Shortfilm coming soon.

Zurich, ZHdK, 2019


Alien Babe

During my exchange semester in School of Visual Arts ins New York, I had the chance to learn the basics of SFX Make Up. As the final project I chose to create an Alien Babe and captured her in the city.

New York, SVA, 2018

©alienbabe1-decharess    ©alienbabe4-decharess


IMG_2172 IMG_2173

snapshots from the set


These are snapshots of our inclass trials in NY. Zombie, bruises, cuts, old age, burn blisters, facial hair, death.

New York, SVA, 2018

IMG_0219 IMG_0463

IMG_8959 IMG_9347

IMG_8957 IMG_9647

IMG_0371 IMG_0366

IMG_9487 IMG_9488

IMG_0523 IMG_9652