DINIMINI – our origin

a handmade jewelry collection out of cork. The collection was inspired by the beauty of our multicultural Switzerland. The phrases are in swiss german mixed with the languages of chosen immigration groups. Together all phrases create a poem about being in between, representing the people who call two countries their home.

Sanjam öpedie devo (serb. ich träume) I now and then dream of it
Eifach si im mongolfiera (ital. Heissluftballon) / being in the hot-air balloon
Mit mim Bokkie (afrikaans, Herzensperson) / with my beloved one
Es birebitzli Fado (portug. Musikstil) / a little bit of fado
Zmitzt im Nebelmeer (deutsch) / in the middle of the sea of fog

ZHdK, 2018

Your body is no longer yours

A textile mask predicting the effects of successfull human head transplantation
See the teaser here
ZHdK, 2017


A 3D Music Video | Collaboration with Anouk Christel anoukchristel.com
ZHdK, 2017

Line Sculputres

the seeking of individuality
Propädeutikum, 2015